2012 Jeep Jam Line Up

Brother was the brain child of Mike and Mark Magdich, twin brothers, (hence the band’s name) and cofounders of the band.  The concept, original member lineup and song list were all conceived and put together via telephone and email in mid 2002, when Mark was in Los Angeles, where he’d been living for 15 years.
Mark made the trip back to Fort Wayne in August of 2002 for the debut show to a packed house at a local club.  The onstage magic was immediately apparent to the band and audience members alike.  Mark soon after, made the personal decision to move back to Indiana and they’ve never looked back.
Michael Campbell and Richard Whittington stepped into the shoes of the bands original guitarists, little brother Chris Magdich and Lonnie Lemons when they each were forced to leave the band for personal reasons in January 2004.  That line up was in place until March 2008, when guitarist Chris Biciste replaced Richard.
Fronted by the powerful lead vocals of Mark Magdich, BROTHER has built a reputation as one of the most vocally versatile and talented bands in the state of Indiana.  All 4-members have lead vocal ability and the band possess a four-part harmony style which sets them apart from other local bands.  It has been said and written that the band covers the covers that can’t be done…but BROTHER does.
One of the elements of a BROTHER live show — to rave reviews — is a nightly acoustic set.  Mike slips out from behind his drum set and joins Mark, Michael & Chris on bar stools at the front of the stage for an intimate and involving acoustic performance of songs that you would never think of hearing in an acoustic setting.

We have Also Secured RECKON

Reckon is a Country /Rock Band in there own words…..just some hicks with sticks,  six strings that is.  we love to play music and put on a good show.. all five members are from local farming towns and that’s how we were raised and it shows in our personality.