This years Jeep Jam is October 12, 2013!!

 [SAVE THE DATE]This year marks the 7th consecutive ODZ Jeep Jam and everyone from the O’Daniel Automotive stores are excited as the time swiftly approaches. Having begun as a challenge by Chrysler to see which dealership could collect the most cell phones, as a means to earn a donation for the organization of their choice, the Jeep Jam was born!

The cell phone contest arrived after Craig W. Ruskaup had recently been promoted to Sales Manager.

Eager and driven to win the contest, Craig successfully motivate the O’Daniel team in collecting enough phones to secure the win and allow O’Daniel to choose the DAV of Allen County as its beneficiary. With that year as the catalyst, each year since Craig hs been working tirelessly in an effort to surpass the proceeds of each year before.

The ODZ Jeep Jam has become so successful-every year they attract more people from further and further away, that like to come and participate in the event!