Here are some of our frequently asked questions:


Do you allow animals?
We accommodate service animals. No pets allowed.
What does it cost to get into the After Party?
All activities going on during the Jeep Jam After Party from 3:30pm – 7pm minus the concert are free to attend.
Can I buy concert tickets during the day of the event?
Yes, however buying your ticket ahead of time is $20 and during the event is $25.
Do you have an ATM?
ATM cash machines will be available inside the concert area.
Do you allow backpacks?
No backpacks allowed. Please leave them in your car.
Am I allowed to bring in food/beverages?
Sorry, NO outside food, beverages or coolers are allowed. However, we will have a wide selection of your favorite foods and beverages including beer available inside the concert area and at Jeep Jam.
What about glass?
Absolutely no glass allowed in the parking areas. Any found will be confiscated.
At the gates…
Please keep in mind that long lines form at the gates prior to showtime. We encourage you to arrive early to avoid the rush. For the safety of all of our patrons, there will be a search conducted at the front gate.
Do you allow re-entry into lines?
Sorry, no re-entry allowed.
Is my pocket knife considered a weapon?
Yes. Please leave it in your car.
What if I forgot my tickets?
In this case, you will need to go to the ticket booth and they will be able to look your order up by verifying your personal information.
I’ve lost an item! How can I find it?
Our Lost and Found will be located at the ticket booth.
Someone in my party has trouble walking. Is there a service to get them to the disabled area?
Unfortunately no. Though we welcome everyone, it is an outdoor festival and weather sometimes is an issue. We provide ADA parking which is quite close to the event. If you are unable to walk, you are welcome to bring a wheelchair or a medical scooter (No golf carts please) to get around. Again, the festival site is large and earthy (not paved), so please keep this in mind as you are planning your visit.
How early should we arrive?
Jeep Jam opens at 3:30. Join us for an amazing day! Concert gates open at 5:00pm.
Can we bring grills?
For safety reasons, grills are not permitted as this is an outdoor event. They are considered a fire hazard.
Can we bring chairs and blankets inside?
Chairs and blankets are allowed in designated areas of the venue. These areas will not be right next to the stage.
Is this a family friendly event?
This is a family friendly event with adequate security, but please be aware that alcohol will be sold at the event which is general admission and that your discretion should be used.
If I cannot drive home, can I leave my car?
No. Plans will need to be made on your behalf in advance of the show to get you and your car home after the show ends. Please drink responsibly.
What if my car gets stuck/or I lock my keys in my car?
There may be a wrecker service on site to help with car issues. (Charges will apply according to the company) If there is not a wrecker service on site, please contact your local wrecker service.
Can we camp?
Camping is not allowed.
Can we bring an RV?
We recommend against it since parking will be tight. If you do bring an RV you will be asked to pay extra for parking and will not be able to camp over night.